2020 - 2014: Graduate, Eugene Lang, The New School, New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Concentration: Politics, Journalism + Design
2014 - 2013: Undergraduate Student, Mills College, Oakland, CA in collaboration with The University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Study: Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Studies, Concentration: Journalism
2013 - 2010: Graduate, Garrison Forest School, Baltimore County, MD
2010 - 2009: Student, Maryvale Preparatory School, Baltimore County, MD

Awards, Grants, Scholarships, Residencies, Fellowships & Recognition: 

2022: 4Theatre 12th Award Ceremony: Winner of Best LGBTQI+ Short Film: Code Switch
2022: One Reeler Short Film Competition Winner, Award of Merit for Short Film: Code Switch
2022: Sundance Collab: How to Develop, Finance & Distribute Your Feature Film
2022: The Impact Hub x Empower by GoDaddy: Empower Entrepreneurs Program
2022: Frameline Completion Fund Awardee/Recipient for Short Film "Code Switch"
2021: U.S. Small Business Administration Grant Recipient for Artistic Practice
2021: Mirror Memoirs Mini Grant Recipient
2020: Women in Film (WiF) Emerging Producer's Program Finalist
2020: Artist Relief Fund Grant Recipient
2020: NYC Women's Fund for Media, Music & Theatre Finalist
2019: The New School Dean's List Spring Semester
2019 - 2014: The New School Lang College Scholarship
2019 - 2014: The New School Dean's Scholarship 

Film Exhibitions:

Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 22nd Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival on Festivee

2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 9th Black Alphabet Film Festival at The Logan Center for the Arts in Chicago, Illinois
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 34th Newfest: New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival at The SVA Theatre in New York City, New York
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 17th Dayton LGBT Film Festival at The Neon Theater in Dayton, Ohio
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 9th Baltimore International Black Film Festival at The Parkway Theater in Baltimore, Maryland
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The 5th Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival on Filmocracy
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Outfest 40 Film Festival at the Director's Guild of America in Los Angeles, California
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, 24th International Roxbury Film Festival at The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts         
2022: Official Selection, "Code Switch" Short Film, The San Francisco LGBTQ+ Frameline 46 Film Festival at The Roxie Theater in San Francisco, California

2017: Executive Organizer, Afrofuturism Film Festival at The New School, New York City , New York

Work Experience:

Film & Television: 

2022 - 2017: Discoverscape Projects (Creative Studio)
Role: Owner, Creative Producer & Creative Director
For the last five years I have co-led an independent creative studio under which I have produced and co-directed over a dozen short film productions with small - mid scale budgets. My roles include, but are not limited to, overseeing projects from development to distribution, financing for each project, and brand development for Discoverscape Projects. My credits on our films include creative director, creative producer, post production producer, screenwriter, editor, set designer, wardrobe, art direction, and h/mu. Discoverscape Projects was created for, and is sustained through, our devotion to extending and engaging with experimental, weird, dialectic and afrofuturist black visual narrative. Please find out more here from my website or here on our website! Although we were officially created in 2017, our films date back to 2012. Thank you :)

Discoverscape Films: 

2023: PAPPY Short Film (development)
-Credit: Screenwriter, Director, Creative Director
2023: ASI Artificial Super Intelligence (Post Production)
- Credit: Creative Producer, Co & Creative Director, Screenwriter, Casting, Set Design, Wardrobe, Post Production Producer & Supervisor, Editor
2022: Code Switch Short Film
- Credit: Creative Producer, Co & Creative Director, Screenwriter, Casting, Set Design, Wardrobe, Post Production Producer & Supervisor, Editor
2020: Deadstock Short Film
-Credit: Set Designer & Post Production Producer
2019: Napoleon Short Film
- Credit: Set Designer, Producer
2018: Clone Short Film
- Credit: Creative Producer, Screenwriter, Casting, Set Design, Wardrobe, H/MU
2017: Molly's Room Short Film
- Credit: Creative Producer, Wardrobe, Casting, Set Design & H/MU
2017: June Short Film
- Credit: Post Production Producer 

Freelance Film Experience: 

2022 - 2019: Freelance Filmmaker: Producing, Post Producing & Production Assistance
2021: "Wild Dogs" Music Video by Natasha Kalila | Credit: Post Production Producer & Marketing
2020: HBO Legendary Commercial and Promo | Credit: General & Crafty Production Assistant
2020: Run The World Tv Series | Credit: Background Actor
2020: "Get On With It" Music Video by Natasha Kalila | Credit: Producer, Hair & Wardrobe Assistant
2020: "Stir It Up" Music Video by Natasha Kalila | Credit: Producer & Hair
2020 - 2019: Central Casting New York City | Credit: Background Actor for Film & Tv

Media Experience:

Contributor, Black Girl Magick
2015: Digital Production Intern, BET Digital
2015: Intern, Blavity
2015: Social Media Coordinator, Collé Salon & Boutique
2014: Ambassador, Third Channel Cosmopolitan + Marie Claire Magazines
2013: Social Media Intern, Inside Lacrosse Women
2013 - 2011: Journalist, ABC 2 News Teen Media Tv Show

Copywriting & Copyediting Experience:

Present - 2011: Freelance Copyeditor and Copywriter (Remote)
Description: Writing experience includes essays, applications, grants, resume, artist statements, research, short biographies, product information, and more. Copy portfolio is available upon request.
Present: Copywriter for The Music Studio of Dr. Michael Habermann
Present: Copyeditor and Writer for Debosé Shoe Brand
2017: Copyeditor Intern, HR Department, MTA Headquarters
2016: Freelance Copyeditor, The Real News Network

Copywriting & Copyediting Reviews:

Service(s): Product, Brand & Deck
Review: "I chose to work with Micha for a lot of DeBosé’s write ups and press releases because I know how great she is with words. I remember thinking we really have something important to say but we don’t know the most appropriate way to communicate that to a world of people, and the first person I remember coming to mind in that moment was Micha. Micha and I attended college together, she was at Lang while I was at Parsons, and I remember us sharing so many of our projects with each other. Specifically I remember how Micha was very eloquent and concise with all of her papers and I admired how she was able to convey exactly what needed to be said on a scholar level. She was always ahead of her time with her gifts and I am very happy to have her talents sprinkled into DeBosé’s message."

Service(s): Application and Essay
Review: "Micha helped me curate my CV and personal essays for an educational program I applied to in order to elevate my career. I was having extreme writer's block trying to transfer my thoughts and experience effectively to get the essays to truly reflect my experience. I shared what I wrote with Micha and they were able to take the information they knew about me and translate it succinctly and articulately. They provided a deadline for their services and delivered within the timeframe provided. It was a pleasure working with someone as passionate and skilled as them. If you are considering working with Micha in any capacity, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Micha is truly a light and their gifts are a privilege!  I will definitely work with them again in the future."

Service(s): Electronic Press Kit
Review: "Micha was a lifesaver. She made me see my work in a whole new light with her attention to detail and her incredible writing skills. She created my press kit which has impressed many. She took my work and business to the next level."

Service(s): Artist Statement, Application & Essay
Review: “Micha has helped me so much when drafting out my first artist statements and grant writings. She is able to effortlessly take my thoughts down and create clear, effective writing from it. Forever thankful for what she has done as she’s helped to bring my creative work to the next level. Amazing collaborator!"

Service(s): Application and Essay Writing
Review: "Micha was such an amazing help in assisting with my organization application letter. She really took a deep dive into my previous experiences and community services and translated them beautifully. Choosing to work with her was the best decision I ever made. I knew I had the skill and expertise to be accepted into the organization, but I wasn’t sure how to properly translate that on paper. Micha was so professional, proficient and so positive. With her help, I secured admission into the organization of my choice. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!"


2022: Video Game Development of "Devon" Video Game, Brooklynville Prototype (Remote)
Role: Creative Producer, Project Manager
For the last year I have been assisting a team of directors, coders, game developers, and other producers in an effort to create the first of six parts to an Afrofuturist video game that is currently in development named "Devon." "Devon" is an immersive, Afrofuturist cinematic world where gamers can delve into a first and third person, 3D open world RPG video game with sharp narrative elements.

My duties on this game thus far have included copy editing, story pitching, administrative work, producing, and marketing. The prototype of the game is due in 2024. To find out more about the game, please feel free watch our first prototype trailer or  contact me directly for our GDD and other related external facing marketing materials.

Present: Web Developer for The Music Studio of Dr. Michael Habermann

2019 - 2014: Product Tester for Nike, Motorola, Google, Stubhub+

Administrative Experience: 

2019: Art Handler, Bridget Donahue Gallery
2016: Operations Assistant, Core Real Estate
2016: Phone Bank Caller, Rep. Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential Campaign
2016: Live Events Assistant, Sunsets Baltimore Event Series
2015: Fundraiser, The New School Accounting Dept. 

Plus - Size Modeling & Exhibitions:

2021: Featured Billboard Model, LED Baltimore Billboard | Baltimore, MD
2020: Featured Billboard Model, Times Square Billboard, Projecting Napping Series | New York, NY
2020: Campaign Model, Nappy Head Club F/W 2020 "The Good Hair Collection" | New York, NY
2020: Campaign Model, Cayetano NY S/S 2020 "The Velvet Collection" | New York, NY
2020: Featured Model, Malcolm Kindred | Brooklyn, NY
Featured: Depop (2020)
2019: Featured Model, "Get It And Come Back," Photo Series | Brooklyn, NY
Exhibited: Baxter Street Camera Club of New York,  Artists in Focus Holiday Print Sale (2021-2020), Syla Studio Digital Group Exhibition "Peasy" (2020), New York Times Portfolio Review (2019), Photoville (2019), Paradice Palase (2019), & Aperature Foundation (2019)
2019: Featured Talent, "How To Break A Horizon: A Memory As Retold By The Sum Of Its Residue," Short Film.
Exhibited: Ori Art Gallery Exhibition (2022), Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (2020), Green Screen Environmental Film Festival (2020), Moonmist "INNER OUT" Exhibition (2020), Four Three Boiler Room Tv "LESBIENNALLE" Festival (2019), & Redbull Arts Detroit (2019)
2018: Featured Model, "Mirror Mirror, p.42 'Micha & Amara' " Photo book by Ryan McGinley | New York, NY
Exhibited: Team Gallery (2018)
2018: Plus Size Figure Model, Spring Studios, under the direction of Minerva Durham. | New York, NY

2015: Featured Portrait Model, Miguel's "Wildheart Tour, " Set Design & Collage | New York, NY
2015: Actress, "If We Don't Get It, Shut It Down," play written + directed by Morgan Stevenson | Harlem, NY

Retail Experience: 

Present: Retailer, Depop (Remote)
2014: Sales Associate, Urban Outfitters
2014 - 2013: Sales Associate, American Apparel

Community Service & Practice: 

2021-2020: Chauncey Street Relief Fund Organizer, Raised $32,000+ to Support 13+ Predominantly Black, POC, & Native New Yorker Fire Victims, find out more here.
2019 - 2017: Grassroots Mutual Aid Support Coordinator and Temporary Housing Organizer, Brooklyn, NY
2016 - 2015: Activist & Documenter: Justice League NYC & The Gathering for Justice NYC
2016 - 2014: Student Activist, The New School Against Police Brutality #RIPJUNIE #RIPNEZ #RIPJIUN
2016 - 2011: Food Server Volunteer, Salvation Army Free Food Distribution Van, Baltimore, MD
2013 - 2010: Youth Delegate, The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland
2012: Teacher's Assistant, St. Mary's Children's Home, Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago

Please explore my website for more work. 
Resume(s) are available upon request.

Thank you for visiting with intention.