Biography, Pronouns (they/she):

Mx.Roti, Micha Lyric Borneo, (b.1995) is an independent filmmaker with over a decade of media training. Working in film since 2017, Borneo has produced, directed, and participated in a number of film productions, including short films, music videos, commercials, tv, and film. They have a spectrum of talent when it comes to their film work, with notable experience in creative producing, creative directing, set design, casting, screenwriting, and editing. 

Borneo’s relationship to visual medium as a tool of storytelling began in 2011 with broadcast journalism. After years of formal training, mentorship, and various writing experience, film now provides them space to fully interrogate the human experience through a multidimensional lens. Currently, she is working towards establishing herself as show runner and creative producer.

They hold a B.A. in Economics from Eugene Lang, The New School in New York City. Their degree was enriched by a concentration in activism, politics, journalism, and design. To find out more about their academic and professional work as an artist, please check out the cv as well as the homepage.

She is an Afroindigenous, First Generation Trinidadian-American, who identifies as two spirit/nonbinary. She grew up between Baltimore, Brooklyn, Trinidad & Tobago. Currently she is working remotely throughout the east coast.

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